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 Want to give Wacky Links® a try for free?

Become a Tester.

5 Lucky families will be chosen each month and sent a new, FREE set of Wacky Links® to build with, wear, and share with friends!

How does your child become a Tester?

Fill out the form below to enter for a chance to become a tester. If selected, your child will receive a new Wacky Links® kit in the mail. Unwrap it and let your child get to the important work of playing with it!

What Do I have to do if I become a Tester?

Take some pictures of your child creating, wearing, and sharing Wacky Links®, and tell us in a few sentences what your child liked (or wished was different!) about Wacky Links®. Email the photos and a review back to us, and you will receive a differently-themed kit. Limit two kits per family.


Application Form

Become a Wacky Links® Tester!

I want my child to become a tester and agree to the following:

A) I am the named child’s legal guardian.

B) I agree that all photos and reviews I submit may be published by Wacky Links®, LLC in any print or digital media that Wacky Links® chooses, without further compensation. I understand that in the interest of privacy Wacky Links® will cite only my child’s first name and age in any photos used for publicity.

C) I agree to provide at least 3 photos or videos of my child playing with Wacky Links®, as well as a brief review (at least 3 sentences written by the parent or child or a video review by the child him/herself is acceptable) of Wacky Links® within 30 days of receiving the Wacky Links® Kit.

D) I understand that I am solely responsible for making sure my child uses Wacky Links® in a safe and appropriate manner, and only for the age use (4 years old +) intended.

When your child makes a Wacky Links® creation, we want to give credit to him or her! Please provide his or her first name and age!

If you're chosen, we'll need to be able to contact you to send a FREE Wacky Links® Kit. Please fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications cannot be entered in the Wacky Links® Tester competition.

Mailing Street Address:

If you're having trouble sending, make sure all boxes are checked above!