What people like about Wacky Links®

Read about what people think after trying our product!


“We love that you can build so many things and wear what you create, too! The possibilities are endless, kids and adults will enjoy this toy. We have created bracelets, chain links, balls and so much more.”

-Anne C.


“These are amazing tools!  Wacky Links are a must have for any classroom!!!”

-Mrs. Price


“They are awesome! The best STEAM toy I have used since I started teaching in 1999.”

-Alicia C.F.


“I got these for Dante and Jason!! These are so cool!! I love that they have boyish stuff to make!!!”

– Gina R.


“They foster imagination and literally can be made into anything your child can visualize.  My son loves these. He was creating all kinds of things from bracelets, rings, and lassos to lasso his dinosaurs. You can cut them to make smaller objects and these are super portable. They come in a small plastic container that can fit anywhere.  They are always coming out with new themes and this month they have glow in the dark ones.  Amazing.”

-Alisha R.


“My kids loved this cool kit. They spent hours sticking tubes together to make bracelets, necklaces, headbands and more. I thought it would be fun for my daughter who is 10, but even my 8 year-old son grabbed a handful and made pieces to hang on his belt loops and backpack straps! And I was able to do a bunch of laundry while the kids entertained themselves!”

-Carla M.


“I thought these were going to do well when we first started working on them, but when I took them home to test on my 5 year old son, I was convinced. He just kept coming up with a million great ideas, and literally begged me to bring more packs home so he could make them all.”

– Paige L.


“Remember the Silly Bandz® craze a few years ago? Every kid had them and loved them and they didn’t even do anything. Wacky Links™ are fantastic because they inspire kids to come up with new designs and new ways to use them over and over again!”

– Marilyn T.


“WackyLinks™ were a huge hit at my 5 year old’s birthday party. Not only did all her friends love it, and bring them into school in new creative designs the rest of the week, but her older 7 and 9 year old sister and their friends also spent hours after the party playing with them. I even finally got a chance to use and wear them myself, along with a few other Moms from the party (but our kids only agreed to part with them for a short time!). Thanks WackyLinks for a great product and a super fun birthday party goodie bag gift.”

– Margot M.